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  • >Heads line streets of ISIS capital
    CNN's Nick Paton Walsh brings us a grim look at life under ISIS rule in Raqqa, Syria. (Warning:Disturbing images)
    - 6 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 1:33pm -
  • >200 Iraqi Peshmerga will help fight ISIS
    200 Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces will pass through Turkey to help Syrian Kurdish fighters in the besieged town of Kobani, just over the border in Syria.
    - 6 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 1:32pm -
  • >Coalition airstrikes kill 553 in Syria, most of them ISIS militants
    A month of airstrikes in Syria by the U.S.-led coalition has killed 553 people -- a large majority of them ISIS militants, including foreigners, according to a monitoring group.
    - 23 hours ago, 23 Oct 14, 8:05pm -
  • Surge in fighting threatens Yemen's survival
    Yemen is going through its greatest upheaval since protests erupted during the Arab Spring more than three years ago. Only this time, it's not a cry for democracy but a bitter sectarian battle for power -- pitching al Qaeda and other Sunni groups aga…
    - 1 day ago, 23 Oct 14, 4:47pm -
  • From Jewish football to ISIS?
    He was once part of Germany's largest Jewish sports club -- but now he's the first suspected member of ISIS to stand trial in a country that has been left shocked by his alleged radicalization.
    - 1 day ago, 23 Oct 14, 7:23am -
  • Did ISIS grab U.S. airdropped supplies?
    U.S. planes drop medical supplies and weapons to the besieged Syrian town of Kobani, but a video suggests ISIS may have intercepted a bundle.
    - 1 day ago, 23 Oct 14, 7:22am -
  • Jury: Ex-Blackwater contractors guilty in Nusoor Square shooting
    After marathon deliberations, a federal jury found four ex-Blackwater Worldwide contractors guilty Wednesday in a deadly 2007 mass shooting in Baghdad's Nusoor Square.
    - 1 day ago, 23 Oct 14, 7:21am -
  • Car hits civilians waiting at rail stop in Israel, killing baby
    A car rammed into commuters waiting at a light rail stop in Jerusalem Wednesday, killing a baby and wounding several other people, Israeli police said.
    - 1 day ago, 23 Oct 14, 7:20am -
  • Officials: 3 Denver schoolgirls tried to join ISIS
    The first indication that something was wrong was a phone call from his daughter's Denver area school to let Assad Ibrahim know that she had not come to class.
    - 2 days ago, 22 Oct 14, 10:30pm -
  • ISIS threatens Iraq's priceless cultural heritage
    ISIS is threatening priceless cultural artifacts, particularly in the ancient city of Hatra, says the director of the Iraq National Museum in Baghdad.
    - 2 days ago, 22 Oct 14, 10:13pm -


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  • Tunisia after the revolution: Spring is still in the air
    THE country where the Arab spring began is poised to complete a momentous transition from dictatorship to democracy when voters go to the polls on October 26th. The vote should seal Tunisia’s title as the sole success of the region’s uprising…
    - 1 day ago, 23 Oct 14, 6:53pm -
  • Justice in South Africa: Equal and colour-blind?
    For him it’s a marathonSENTENCING Oscar Pistorius to five years’ imprisonment for manslaughter, Judge Thokozile Masipa struggled to achieve the near-impossible: appeasing both sides in the long, heart-rending trial. The mother of Reeva Steenk…
    - 1 day ago, 23 Oct 14, 6:53pm -
  • Nigeria: A nation divided
    THE road junction bears no sign that marks a border: no custom house nor passport office. On one side is a burnt-out brick building and on the other an unkempt meadow. Both are on Nigerian soil according to official maps. Yet reality is different…
    - 1 day ago, 23 Oct 14, 6:53pm -
  • Human rights in Egypt: Silence in class
    A MONTH after Tunisians tossed out their hated dictator, Egyptians did the same, forcing Hosni Mubarak to step down. But while Tunisians are choosing a new parliament to complete their transition to democracy, Egyptians have been heading back to scho…
    - 1 day ago, 23 Oct 14, 6:53pm -
  • The status of Jerusalem: A mount of troubles
    BEFORE the gates of the Dome of the Rock, a resplendent golden Muslim shrine built on the ruins of what Jews believe was their biblical temple, the besuited deputy speaker of Israel’s parliament, Moshe Feiglin, this week swayed from side to sid…
    - 8 days ago, 16 Oct 14, 6:59pm -
  • The Shia in Saudi Arabia: The sword unsheathed
    AT A time when Saudi Arabia’s aged rulers worry about their Sunni-majority population being inspired by the jihadists of Islamic State (IS), it would hardly seem wise to antagonise the Shia who make up the remaining 10-15% of their people. Yet that…
    - 8 days ago, 16 Oct 14, 6:59pm -
  • Slavery in Islam: To have and to hold
    Doing it by the bookTHE holy book is clear about what to do when you capture a city: “Put to the sword all the men in it”. As for the women and children, “You may take these as plunder for yourselves.” This is pretty much the advice that…
    - 8 days ago, 16 Oct 14, 6:59pm -
  • Syria: Tough, but bowing
    FROM the presidential palace on a hill above Damascus, the outlook seems rosier of late, despite the vista of flattened suburbs and the rumbling of bombs and mortars below. Defections from the army have stopped. American and European calls for Mr…
    - 8 days ago, 16 Oct 14, 6:59pm -
  • South African politics: Shaking the kaleidoscope
    Zuma feels the squeezeTHE mighty African National Congress (ANC), which has held sway since South Africa held its first democratic elections two decades ago, is a wounded giant. A realignment of post-apartheid politics, long predicted but always…
    - 8 days ago, 16 Oct 14, 6:59pm -
  • The campaign against Islamic State: Hard choices
    THE gathering on October 14th at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington, DC, of top military brass from 22 countries in the American-led coalition against Islamic State (IS) had two main aims. The first was to work out how to integrate the effort…
    - 8 days ago, 16 Oct 14, 6:59pm -